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Reasons home sellers don't, but should, complain about bad Realtors

A new listing alert pops into my inbox. I click on it hoping it might be a good match for my home buyer and proceed to review the photos….

“What is THAT!” I mutter to myself. “No really, what is that? I can’t tell from the photo”.

I continue muttering to myself…“Sorry,  listing agent, I should have realized you were using one of those disposable cameras they leave out at weddings and you grabbed a bunch of them thinking they would come in handy for an upcoming listing”.

Yes, I do get a little self-righteous about these things and yes, let him without sin cast the first stone. But hey, my conscience is clear, just show me where to aim!

The majority of Realtors are conscientious individuals and do a really good job for their clients. However, what surprises me is those home sellers who are unfortunate enough to end with a dud agent, why they don’t complain or do something about it?

Bad Realtor photos are just one issue but can be an indication as to how the agent operates and their overall level of professionalism. Home sellers should be able to pick up on a bad agent BEFORE they sign on the listing contract dotted line. If the agent is comfortable with the seller, other agents and the general public seeing their bad photography handiwork, then maybe they don’t care about a whole list of other items that constitute basic standards of good service.

Other warning signs of a bad Realtor:

  • Bad property flyers, using those same bad photos printed on cheap paper (possibly in black...